Prof. Natasha Merat (University of Leeds, Vereinigtes Königreich)

Prof. Natasha Merat

Understanding the Human Factors Challenges of Automated Vehicles



In this talk, I will provide an overview of my work on the human factors challenges and opportunities of automated vehicles. Outlining results from recent European projects such as AdaptIVe and L3Pilot, I will illustrate how driver visual attention is allocated during different stages of the transition from automated to manual driving, and what this means in terms of their ability to safely resume control from Level 2 and 3 automation.  In addition to sharing some results about human drivers inside these vehicles, I will also provide results from the interACT project, which is currently trying to understand the human factors challenges of pedestrians and cyclists interacting with Level 4+ vehicles, where a driver is no longer in control.  For this project, we are trying to establish whether new forms of Human Machine Interface should be displayed on the outside of automated vehicles, to provide further information about vehicle intent to Vulnerable Road Users, where any communication and interaction with drivers is no longer available.